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Creating a powerful resource and partnership for you and your business.

Miracle Skinny Drops

Brand Indentity: 

 The challenge that Media PowerTools faced was to expand the reputable brand of Miracle Staple to encompass Miracle Skinny Drops.  Media PowerTools also focused on finding a solution to show consumers that MSD was not just providing a weight loss “fad” but instead a weight loss solution that was designed to help individuals maintain their new healthy weight for a lifetime.  

Website Development:

Media PowerTools began by creating a website that clearly expressed healthy living through its design.  A key branding tactic for Miracle Skinny Drops to set them apart from their competition was to maintain a growing stream of helpful information for the diet.   One of the challeges was the amount of content added to this website and making the navigation for the visitor to find what they need by using the quick search feature and categories for the ongoing recipe additions the site provides.  The added subscription option and social media connections make it easy for their visitors to interact on a regular basis.  

Social Media:

Social networks including Facebook and Twitter were utilized to allow MSD to provide diet support to individuals on a more personal level.  The Facebook page in particular is used in part as a forum where people can post questions, suggestions, recipes and more to share with the group.  In essence the social networks further the support for the diet community.

Effective SEO:

The approximately 20% growth per month on the site has landed it as #10 on Google as top 10 hCG websites.  Media PowerTools team focus is on effective SEO techniques that allow your company to gain more traffic.  Miracle Skinny Drops has been successful in implementing the strategy proposed by the team to increase their monthly traffic signifantly by providing great content that Google loves.

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