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Consistent Blogging is Key

Consistency is key to growth!

How do you achieve success when writing a blog?  How do you get your readers to visit and return to your blog?  Being consistent is the #1 one recommendation by professional bloggers for growing your blog.  

We teach the importance of this with our clients.  If you want to see your site grow and your audience to increase then it is essential to be consistent in your blogging technique, style and content.   

Here are some fundamental tips to help you: 

1. Set realistic monthly goals and work to achieve them.  

2. Write your heading with purpose for search content SEO. 

3.  Share your posts on the social media where your brand has already built relationships like Facebook and Twitter. 

4.  Write with purpose and “be real”, blog readers are savvy and look for authenticity in a blogger. 

5.  Keep it to a minimum, if you have a lot to say we recommend a short blog and a video, or breaking your message into a series of blog posts. 

Here are two examples of what your blog stats can look like.  The first example demonstrates a strong blog with consistent content and the second blog post randomly and is not consistent.  It really is a matter of discipline and dedication.  You can see in the second example they were all excited when they first launched their blog and were working hard and as their commitment diminished so did the visitors to their site. 


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